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Asking For Spirits Life

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  • Is God's Spirit living in us? |
  • Are we asking to be filled with the Spirit? |
  • Are we living to please God? |
  • Is the Spirit of the Lord transforming us? |
  • Does the Spirit of the Lord really rest on us? |
  • Does the Spirit of Grace abound in us? |
  • Is the Spirit of Supplication the Lord of our prayer lives? |
  • How do we pray, when we don't know what to ask? |
  • Are we praying in the Spirit? |
  • Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in our lives? |
  • Are we anointed of God? |
  • Is the joy of the Lord our strength? |
  • Are we grieving the Holy Spirit? |
  • Is there someone we are choosing not to love? |
  • Are we enjoying fellowship with the Spirit? |
  • Have you been living in the wilderness? |
  • Are we receiving the blessings of God? |
  • Is the Spirit of the Living God obvious in our lives? |
  • Are we worshiping by the Spirit of God? |
  • Our prayer for the Spirit's Life |